Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training

Teras Consulting provides the right Digital Marketing Training course as per the present industry standards. Our high-quality training programs can enable the professionals to secure the right placements in MNCs and other top companies. Teras Consulting is the highly recommended Digital Marketing Institute located that provides hands-on practical implementation and practical knowledge on the live projects and can ensure the job with help of the advanced level Marketing Training Courses. Our Digital Marketing Training Course is been conducted by the specialist working certified professionals having years of experience for implementing the Digital Marketing projects.

Providing Digital Marketing Training Course

Teras Consulting has well-equipped and professional Digital Marketing Training Course . The candidates can implement following concepts in Increasing Visibility, Keywords optimization, Adding web pages and content, using Google webmasters website and tool verification, Google Adwords and PPC on the real-time projects all along with the Digital Marketing Placement modules such as aptitude test preparation and more.

Teras Consulting is a well-known and highly rated Digital Marketing Institute with a high tech infrastructure as well as lab facilities. We provide internet access of the servers so that students can implement their projects at home very easily. Teras Consulting mentored over 3000+ candidates with the Digital Marketing Certification at the reasonable fee. Our course curriculum is been customized as per the requirement of the candidates and corporate. Besides this, our digital marketing training classrooms have built-in with the projectors, which facilitate our candidates to understand this topic in an easy and different way.

Our associations with the top organizations make us totally capable of placing our candidates in the top MNCs all over the world. We’ve placed many students according to the skills and interest area, which makes us highly preferred Digital Marketing Center . Next, we monitor the growth of each student closely during their training program and help them in increasing their level of knowledge and performance.


Digital marketing (referred as the data-driven marketing) is a concept for the promotion of the products and services by making use of digital solutions, generally on the internet that includes display advertising, smartphones, and many other digital media. Since digital platforms are incorporated progressively into marketing ideas and daily life, and users employ digital devices instead of going to the physical stores, the digital marketing systems actually are turning out more successful.

Digital Marketing Training Courses at Teras Consulting

Teras Consulting provides advanced training in digital marketing world through the intensified courses in this field. All the courses at our institute educate working professionals, entrepreneurs, part-time working professionals, PR professionals, students, product or brand managers, as well as business owners in the field of digital marketing. The objective of our digital marketing training courses is to offer the best and innovative digital services for the improvement in the business of individual and company on the Internet.

Future of Marketing

Future of digital marketing is a way beyond traditional marketing methodologies that are been used through radio and TV ads, hoardings, print ads, magazines, banners, and more. Now, advertising is mainly based on internet marketing and marketing that is done in the Digital Sphere. It is an upcoming scope in India that offers some highly powerful methods of internet marketing where the traditional modes of marketing fail. The growing population of the tech-savvy users has highly expanded the digital marketing scope in India as well as its future looks really promising.

Career Prospects in Digital Marketing

The whole world is Digital and by 2020, the majority of the companies across the world that includes India may have a strong presence online and creating several career opportunities. There are a lot of other roles and designations that depend on company and requirements. Some Major Roles in Digital Marketing include:

  • 1. Social Media Manager
  • 2. Digital Director
  • 3. PPC Professional
  • 4. SEO Expert
  • 5. Email Marketing Manager
  • 6. Analytics Manager
  • 7. Content Marketer

Topics Covered in Digital Marketing Course:

  • 1. Email Marketing
  • 2. Google AdWords and PPC Adv
  • 3. E-Commerce Marketing
  • 4. Search Engine Optimization
  • 5. Mobile Marketing
  • 6. Online Reputation Management
  • 7. Social Media Marketing

Why you must join Teras Consulting for Your Digital Marketing Training?

Reasons that make us top among others in the industry

  • 1. We offer video tutorials of our training sessions, thus if the candidate has missed any class they may use those video tutorials.
  • 2. Our training courses are based on current industry standards.
  • 3. Our training courses are totally based on live industry projects.
  • 4. Training is conducted on a daily and weekly basis and can customize our training schedule that suits our candidate requirements.
  • 5. Our curriculum is been approved by the placement partners.
  • 6. Training is conducted by certified professionals.
  • 7. Live Project Training with the trainers having five to fifteen years of the Industry Experience.
  • 8. Our classrooms come completely geared up with projectors and Wi-Fi access.
  • 9. Flexible Payment options like EMI, Cash, Cheques, Debit Card, Credit Card, or Net Banking.
  • 10. Our Labs are well-equipped with the latest version of software and hardware.

Teras Consulting Digital Marketing Program Trainers are:

  • 1. Our trainers are the certified professionals with many years of experience and knowledge in the respective domain and they are working with the Top MNCs
  • 2. Trainers help candidates in getting placed in the respective company by the Employee Referral and Internal Hiring process.
  • 3. As our Trainers are the working professionals and they have several live projects and will use such projects during their training sessions.

Teras Consulting Placement Process:

  • 1. HR team conducts the grooming sessions that focus on the personality development, interaction with the interviewers, how to handle and control nervousness, how to speak right English, and how to represent your views to the interviewer.
  • 2. After completion of around 70% of training course content, Teras Consulting will arrange interview calls to the students and prepare them all to F2F interaction.
  • 3. Corporate Study Material with Assignments.
  • 4. Live Project Training by the Certified Industry Professional.
  • 5. Prepare Candidates for the HR Interview.
  • 6. Schedule Mock Exams & Mock Interviews to see the GAP in Candidate Knowledge.
  • 7. Trained Candidates on the Aptitude and Test Papers.

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