Data Science Training

Data Science Training

Today the world is quite a competitive one. Many organizations and industries under the similar domain are working hard to achieve better performance and thus better profits. The data collection, as well as interpretation, is the main factors of the modern-day competition. Thus, owing to these factors there is no surprise that the Data Scientists are highly in demand & certified professionals more so. Suppose you are somebody staying close to Noida, Teras Consulting provide to you the top in class and quality Data science training .

Data Science Training Course

When you complete your Data Science Training Course , you get ready to take any problem given to you by the company. Data Science Training Courses are made in a way, which is understandable even to the beginners and professionals who have no or very little experience in this Data science domain. Job oriented training course at our institute can help you to crack many interviews than you must ever do. Trainers have good communication skills as well as help you with the doubts you have about live training sessions.

All our candidates will be evaluated time to time basis with the help of the projects and tests that are aimed in solidifying their theoretical concepts that are taught during their training at our training centre . At Data Science Training, we provide lab support if the candidate has any problems when performing any practical’s. We also aim to make our candidates job-ready by an end of their Data Science Course and it is something that actually separates Teras Consulting from other institutes.

About Data Science Programme

The Data Science is one interdisciplinary field of the scientific methods, algorithms, process, as well as systems to extract right knowledge and insights from the data in different forms, structured or unstructured, same to data mining. Thus, mining vast amounts of the structured and unstructured data to know patterns will help the company to lower its expenses, improve efficiencies, recognize the new market opportunities as well as increase their competitive advantage. Disciplinary areas that will make up the data science field will include statistics, mining, analytics, machine learning, and programming.

Thus, it is highly prominent that Data Science has a promising future as well as has a huge scope in the near future. There is the massive shortage of the human resources in such field, and particularly in India, it’s estimated by the year 2020, there is going to be the shortfall of over 1.5 million of Data Scientists. Therefore, creating an amazing opportunity for professionals and students alike.

What makes you a pro in Data Science?

Learn from the Industry Leaders

Our Trainers have plenty of experience as well as proven expertise in this domain that they teach.

Classroom Training

Our programmes are very carefully designed for students of different backgrounds or experiences.

Practical Training

Our main focus is always on Practical experience in all our Training courses.


We know that ‘Practice makes you and perfect’ and we will make sure you practice and practice enough.

Work on Assignments

We have made assignments in a way that it can complement your classroom learning.

Earn certificate

Complete your Programme and get Industry accepted Certificate and improve your Career with this Certificate!

Why Go For Data Science Training Course?

  • 1. Data Science is the highest paying job today
  • 2. Work on the Real-Time Projects
  • 3. Amazing career option
  • 4. 100% of Placement Assistance
  • 5. Learn from the Industry Experts
  • 6. Master concepts of the Data Science with Python, R, and Machine Learning

On completion of the Data Science training program candidates can expect to meet the following goals:

  • 1. Analytics & Data Science
  • 2. How businesses can use the power of Data Science.
  • 3. Different Data Science tools and usage.
  • 4. Data importing & exporting in Python or R.
  • 5. Complete knowledge of the Business Statistics & Application.
  • 6. Knowledge of the Predictive Modelling concepts.
  • 7. Data manipulation & visualization in Python or R.
  • 8. Knowledge of Logistic Regression and time series forecasting.
  • 9. Complete knowledge of Correlation & Linear Regression.
  • 10. Understanding of the text mining.
  • 11. Complete knowledge of ML concepts.

Who Can Join the Data Science Training Programme?

Data Science is about understanding data deeply. It’s meant to get some meaningful outcomes from useless data. For instance, a recommendation engine or predictive analysis that is done by using past data. You should apply in the data science and relevant study program for joining data science program. You require a proper understanding of basic mathematics. In addition, it’s really good to have the right programming skills that can help you when pursuing this course. Suppose you are the graduate and have a little knowledge about the data field, then you can join the course program.

What Are Different Job Roles In Data Science?

Emerging rise of IT Companies, BPOs, as well as Analytical Firms to set up the new offices has actually given an increase to demand of the Data Science experts. Different start-ups have realized the benefits of Data Science and thus, they are searching for the professionals. Data Engineers, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Database Administrator, Data Architect, Data Scientist, as well as Business Analyst to name some. Working for various companies might get you different job titles. However, the responsibilities and roles include are same as for professionals suggested above. So, one thing you may rely on is to expect a good future after knowing Data Science.

Who Will Be Your Instructor?

To learn from the experts is a great joy. This joy gets multiplied when you’re learning from industry experts. At Teras Consulting, you will learn from trainers who have a proven track record in analytics exposure. In addition, they take complete pride in having amazing work experience with the top technology companies. This ensures to have rich experience over different domains. This allows the students to not just get concept learning training however also get the right exposure to working with the live projects.

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