Big Data Hadoop Training

Big Data Hadoop Training

Big Data is the term that represents a huge amount of the unstructured data, whereas Hadoop is the collection of the frameworks that will store, process or manage big data. And Hadoop is the open-source technology and has an ability to store and process huge amount of data at any format. With the data volumes going bigger daily with the evolution of social media, this technology is quite important today. At Teras ConsultingX, we offer Big Data Hadoop training courses .

Why To Go For Big Data Hadoop Training Course?

  • 1. Hadoop Market is thought to cross over $1Billion by the year 2020
  • 2. Complete your course in 2 to 4 months time 
  • 3. Learn from the Industry Experts
  • 4. Domain based project and real time data
  • 5. 100% Placement Assistance
  • 6. Scenarios & Assignments to ensure that you compete with the current industry standards

Big Data Hadoop Course Details

  • 1. Why Hadoop & Hadoop fundamental concepts
  • 2. Hadoop cluster planning & initial configuration
  • 3. Deep knowledge of MapReduce & HDFS concepts
  • 4. Learn to write the complex MapReduce programme
  • 5. Installation & deployment of Hadoop
  • 6. Know Data loading methods using sqoop & flume
  • 7. Complete knowledge of HBase Hadoop Database
  • 8. Perform Data Analytics over real-time projects such as Twitter and Facebook
  • 9. Understand Data Analytics by Hive
  • 10. Knowing different Hadoop concepts like Zookeeper, Hue, Impala, Cloudera manager, and more.

Who Is Eligible For Big Data Hadoop Training Course?

Big Data Hadoop involves many concepts as well as modules that includes Map-Reduce, HDFS, HBASE, SQOOP, HIVE, PIG, and ZOOKEEPER. The multiple Hadoop tools can be used for purpose for processing the high volume, variety and velocity of the data to create value. Having the Hadoop certification qualification ensures that you expect an amazing career. In order, to pursue your Hadoop programme, you need having good analytical skills as well as hands on experience of Core Java. But, people from various career choices may join Big Data Hadoop training course and explore rewarding job chances.

  • 1. These days, IT is a popular career field that provides multiple opportunities for having the most rewarding career for fresher. Graduate and Post-Graduate student, aspiring to have the rewarding career prospect in modern technologies.
  • 2. Get Hadoop skills will be very helpful for people with a higher position and make a better decision for the organization. Managers or Management Professionals, who are keen to implement new technologies in the organization, deal with current and upcoming challenges of the data management can join Teras Consulting training course .
  • 3. Software Engineers that are engaged in the ETL or 30 Days of Code Programming and finding amazing job opportunities in the Hadoop. Learning Big Data Hadoop will help the software professionals to get higher salary.

What Are Various Job Roles of Big Data Hadoop?

The Big Data Hadoop professionals can explore or analyze different types of data and create some useful information that organizations across the world are seeking. There’re different job titles and opportunities that are available for the Hadoop Developers. The following job titles can help you to make the best decision just by helping you to choose the job title as Hadoop Expert. Not just technology companies are providing Hadoop jobs but many different organizations that include banks, retail companies, financial firms or healthcare companies also provide.

  • 1. Hadoop Architect: The Big Data Architects will take care of the traditional data processing issues from different lenses by using various tools.
  • 2. Hadoop Developer: The professional Big Data Hadoop Developer performs different tasks linked to the actual cording and programming of many types of the Hadoop applications. The role is quite similar to Software Developer.
  • 3. Data Visualizer: The visualizer is well understood as the creative thinker in the simple words that comprehends UI design. He have other visualizations skills such as typography, user experience design and visual art design.
  • 4. Data Scientist: They will solve hardest data problems that company may face. They’re skilled in automating different ways of gathering as well as analyzing the data.
  • 5. Data Analyst: They primarily translate numbers in the readable business data, no matter its market research, logistics, sales figures, and transportation costs.

Who Will Be The Instructors?

Our instructors are industry experts who have not just in-depth knowledge and experience but also hold expert knowledge. Teras Consulting has main focus on interview preparation that helps the students to get real exposure. So, any candidate who thinks that it’s tough to enter MNCs may easily overcome their fear after studying our Big Data Hadoop course from Teras Consulting. Reason being that our instructors offer right training as well as students get right guidance on each step by the industry experts.

  • 1. Rich experience of six-plus years helps trainers to get highly-versed with practical aspects of this technology
  • 2. Trainers are very carefully hired and are backed by their working experience in the reputed companies such as KPMG, Infosys, HCL or Accenture
  • 3. Our instructors ensure to offer daily assignments to our candidates to sharpen their learning skills. In this way, not just students get the theoretical knowledge but get the practical know-how about the technology.
  • 4. Best part of the training provided at our institute is it’s devised as per the current market requirement. On completion of our training, students get highly confident.

How Much Salary One Can Expect After Doing Big Data Hadoop Training Course?

Without keeping any doubt about a fact that person may expect very good salary after their completion of the Big Data Hadoop Training Course. As per Global Recruiting Source, an average salary for the big data professionals will be 50% much higher than IT professionals. Average salaries are just for having big data skills that include Hadoop & Spark. For the skilled professionals with complete analytical capabilities, salaries are much higher. The IT professionals having the analytical skills may easily expect a little more hike in the salaries.

  • 1. An average salary will be assumed for the big data experts is 8.5 lakhs INR
  • 2. The data scientists having Hadoop skills can get 12 lakhs under non-managerial roles
  • 3. For managing roles, managers may expect whopping 16 lakhs

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